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Aged Accommodation

Fees for various types of accommodation are normally means tested. Fees for government subsidised nursing homes, hostels and public housing are regulated by income and/or assets formulas.


Support to remain at home including personal care, home maintenance, home care, meals-on-wheels, respite care and health services such as home nursing, podiatry and physiotherapy. These services are provided through the Home And Community Care (HACC) Home Care Packages (HCP). Contact Local Government Councils for details of these programs. Note that a person needs to be approved by Aged Care Assessment Services to receive a Home Care Package. Home nursing is provided by BOLTON CLARKE formerly RDNS (Royal District Nursing Service) or by private agencies listed in the Yellow Pages Telephone directory under 'Nurses and Nursing Services'. Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres provide a single point for information on services. The Commonwealth Government also provides financial assistance for carers who meet the eligibility criteria.


Independent flats or units are separate units run by Local Councils or other non-profit organisations and are generally for people who are capable of independent living with or without the assistance of HACC services. Contact SENIORS INFORMATION VICTORIA, the relevant Local Government Council or call 1800 200 422 for details of available places.


Group homes provide a range of support to people who wish to live in a semi-communal environment. These are normally available only to people who are reasonably independent in personal care. Contact THE ABBEYFIELD SOCIETY for details of member groups who operate individual houses.


Retirement villages usually consist of a grouping of flats or units suitable for older people who are able to live relatively independently. Villages may be run by government, voluntary organisations, churches or private enterprise. Accommodation type, eligibility and financial arrangements vary greatly. SENIORS INFORMATION VICTORIA provides information and advice about the range of accommodation options available in retirement villages throughout the State, or contact the relevant Local Government Council.


Hostels or Low-level care services cater for people who may need some help with daily tasks and can cater for residents with greater needs for assistance. Nursing care is normally not provided but trained staff are on call 24 hours a day if personal care assistance is needed. Financial arrangements vary depending on the client's income and assets. Contact Local Council or an Aged Care Assessment Service for more details. An Aged Care Assessment Service assessment is essential to be eligible to access Hostel accommodation. (Call 1800 200 422.)


Supported residential services (special accommodation houses) usually provide boarding house style accommodation or hostel like services to elderly people. These houses are usually run by private individuals or companies on a profit making basis therefore services and costs vary a great deal. Contact SENIORS INFORMATION VICTORIA or the relevant Local Government Council. Aged Care Assessment Services also keep lists of Supported Residential Services. (Call 1800 200 422.)
The Department of Health and Human Services has oversight of standards in Supported Residential Services.


Nursing homes or high level care services cater for people who need access to continuous nursing care and a high level of daily help with personal care. Fees are regulated by the Commonwealth Government. Call 1800 200 422 for an Aged Care Assessment Service.

  • ADMISSION TO HOSTELS AND NURSING HOMES - Elderly people must be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Service in order to gain access to Government funded hostel and nursing home facilities. Teams are located in each region. Call 1800 200 422 for the location of the nearest regional Team.
  • ELDER RIGHTS ADVOCACY - Offers assistance with complaints and information on rights and responsibilities to people in, or preparing to move to, Government funded nursing homes and hostels.


The Office of Housing at the Department of Health and Human Services, can also be contacted for details of various rental subsidy and low-cost public rental accommodation programs. This Office is also responsible for the administration of the Moveable Units Scheme ('Granny flat') where a self-contained unit is leased from the Office and erected in the backyard of a relative or friend.

  • SENIORS INFORMATION VICTORIA can provide information and advice on housing, residential care, resident funded retirement villages, leisure and recreational activities, domiciliary and community based services, pensions and benefits etc.
  • AUSTRALIAN AGED CARE QUALITY AGENCY manages the accreditation process for aged care homes and publishes a report on each facility.
  • VETERANS AFFAIRS (DEPARTMENT OF) provides a wide range of assistance for eligible veterans and their widows.
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